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Co-Owners: Anne Kocherhans & Deborah Eppstein

Flight of Fancy


Leona Wagner Black Box Theater

Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center
138 W. Broadway
Salt Lake City, Utah 84101


#1 Noire
(Duo Fabric)

Performers: Deborah Eppstein, Anne Kocherhans
Music: Peggy Lee, Eva Cassidy

#2 Daffodils and Tears
(Hammock Duet)

Performers: Adriane Colvin, Diana Madrian
Music: Tom Odell

#3 Shaken, Not Stirred
(Rope Solo)

Performer: Patricia Stauffer
Music: John Barry Orchestra

#4 Onward and Upward
(Tiny Lyra)

Performer: Morgan Sjoblom
Singer: Collette Charles
Guitar: Benny Shell
Music: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

#5 All That Sass
(Trapeze Trio)

Performers: Diana Madrian, Nancy Simpson Carter, Deborah Eppstein
Music: Postmodern Jukebox

#6 Koyaanisqatsi

Choreography*: Nancy Simpson Carter, with movement generation by the performers
Performers: SPC members Jamie Mackintosh, Jenifer Einstein, Erica Reifenberg, Jennifer LaVista, Meredith Peebles, Sahara Hayes
Music: Forest Swords

*Choreographer’s note: In the Hopi language koyaanisqatsi means “life out of balance, a state of life that calls for another way of living.”


#7 Triplets Of Bonneville
(Bungee Trio)

Performers: Adriane Colvin, Diana Madrian, Nancy Simpson Carter
Music: Circus Contraption

#8 The First Rule
(Fabric Solo)

Performer: Jenn Bruyer
Music: The Pixies

#9 No Prey, No Pay
(Rope Duo)

Performers: Morgan Sjoblom, Patricia Stauffer
Music: Klaus Badelt

#10 Starlette
(Fabric Solo)

Performer: Elizabeth Stich
Music: Michael Buble`


Meet The Artists

Anne Kocherhans

Deborah Eppstein

Adriane Colvin

Nancy Simpson Carter

Diana Madrian

Morgan Sjoblom

Patricia Stauffer

Elizabeth Stich

Jenn Bruyer

Sahara Hayes

Chad Ashment

Heidi Lyn Ewell

Student Performing Company, Fall 2018


Chad Ashment

Heidi Lyn Ewell

Sahara Hayes


Malcolm Stewart

David Finley

Richard "Bus" Robbinson

Jason Davis

Devon Thomas

Kevin Thomas

Shalynn Oberhansly


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