Jenifer Einstein Interview, AAU Community Member

Jenifer Einstein on fabric
RDT’s Ring Around the Rose — with Jenifer Einstein at Rose Wagner Center

What is your favorite apparatus(es)?
I love climbing, so my favorites are the vertical apparatus. I’ve mainly focused on Aerial Fabric, but am also actively working on skills for Rope and Aerial Hammock.

How did you get interested in aerial arts?
I found a living social deal for trapeze lessons in Boston, and when I looked up the school, I saw that they had Aerial Silks classes too. I didn’t even know that I could take classes like that, but I’d always loved aerial fabric acts. Once I moved to Utah, I found Aerial Arts of Utah and started taking classes, and have been addicted ever since!

What do you love about aerial arts?
I really enjoy finding new ways to move, stretch and strengthen my body. I don’t like going to the gym too much, but thanks to Aerial I’m the strongest I’ve ever been! It’s really great to be able to combine a form of exercise with a form of creative expression and end up with these incredible combinations of music and movement.

What are you currently working on?
I just performed in a group piece for Flight of Fancy Illusions with the Student Performing Company. Now I’m going to focus on a hammock piece that I’ve been working on for Ring Around the Rose in December. I’m trying to focus on slowing down and expressing the music more fully.