New Fall Session #2 classes start Oct 22, online registration open now!

Online registration is now open for new session classes starting the week of Oct 22!    Registraion link:

Fall Session #2 : Oct 22- Dec 23 (7 classes) with our studio break Nov 12-25.

During break week we are pleased to present our annual main stage performance Flight of Fancy, Cinematic at the Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center Nov 16 & 17. Tickets:

Plus watch for announcements for an array of fun workshops during the break, including a workshop with the amazing Jenn Bruyer!

Flight of Fancy – Cinematic 2018


FoF: Cinematic 2018

Aerial Arts of Utah presents Flight of Fancy Cinematic November 16th & 17th, 2018 Leona Wagner Black Box Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center Salt Lake City, Utah.

Inspired by the silver screen, high-flying aerial dancers display beauty & strength as they utilize aerial fabric, trapeze, lyra, rope and more. Audiences will be transported to a world that defies gravity and sparks the imagination!

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Fall Session Class Registration available now!

Summer is almost over and we look forward to Fall! We are offering a full slate of aerial classes for all levels- Aerial Kids, Aerial Fabric, Rope and Hammock, Trapeze & Lyra along with Flexibility Class- and Performance Lab. Come fly with us!

Fall Session Dates:

September 4- October 21, 2018 (7 weeks)

(No classes will be held on Labor Day Monday, September 3)

Register for classes:

Tickets! Student Performing Company Show May 25 & 26, 2018

Silk Alchemy; An Aerial Event

You are cordially invited to step back in time for a glamorous evening like no other!

Come be a part of an intimate aerial speakeasy – where the dances are hot and performers fly high. We’ll have sizzling aerial acts on a variety of apparatuses to dazzle and tease all senses. Leave your cares behind and immerse yourself in a night of glitz and glamour!

You have been hand selected to attend this private event. Please reserve your seat and the date you’ll attend in advance – only those on the guest list will be allowed inside.

Purchase $10 tickets:

Doors open 20 minutes before showtime.  1301 E  Miller Ave (3128 S) #10

Tickets must be purchased prior to event. Facebook RSVPs do not guarantee you a spot on the guest list.

Artwork by Cambria DeLee


Emily Heap Interview, AAU Community Member

Emily Heap, fabric 2018
Emily Heap on fabric, Aerial Arts of Utah

What is your favorite apparatus(es)?
My favorite apparatus is a bit of a toss up right now between trapeze and lyra. Trapeze has always been what I imagine when I think of the circus, and being up on the bar feels like a wild cross between a jungle gym and a swing (the best playground toys). There’s something about hanging around upside down that is an instant connection to playtime, even when we’re doing something a little terrifying. Lyra adds grace, dance, and power of motion to the parts of trapeze that I already love. Floating and spinning are like flying, and learning to contort in and around the hoop shows me strength and flexibility that I didn’t realize was in me.

How did you get interested in aerial arts?
I first became interested in aerial arts as a kid when I saw my older sister do a dance to song from a Cirque Du Soleil show. When I looked Cirque up, I was fascinated. Next was a tv show that I became obsessed with in middle school following a group of kids training for the youth circus, Circus Smirkus. I wanted to try it myself, but there were no schools anywhere in the state. I let the dream go for a while once I became too old to ever be in Circus Smirkus myself. After I graduated from college, the theatre department I’d just left did a production of Midsummer Night’s Dream with a guest teacher to train Puck and some of the fairies on corde lisse for the show. It was a student only production and I was sooooo frustrated that they were doing this after I’d gone and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to try it! was irked enough to look up training programs again and, low and behold, now there was a school called Aerial Arts of Utah in Salt Lake City! Just an hour and a half (not states) away!

What do you love about aerial arts?
I love the excitement and beauty of aerial arts. I love that it’s so different from any other activity in my life and that there are still moments where I remember what I’m doing is something really cool and weird. The people I have met are all so open-hearted, talented, and supportive of each other. No one is trying to beat anyone down and the competition is just you against yourself. Aerial has also helped me medically. I was diagnosed with an extreme case of Grave’s Disease, which is an overactive thyroid. Your thyroid affects how fast and hard your heart beats, the lubrication and fluidity of your muscles, memory and concentration, your body’s ability to regulate temperature, and so much more. At the time I was diagnosed, I couldn’t run anymore and had trouble walking up or down stairs when the muscles in my legs would stiffen up and stop responding to me. I would suddenly find myself on the ground because my legs had just given out. I couldn’t even brush my hair without my arm shaking from the effort. My resting heart rate was at 150 and I had trouble remembering names of friends I’d know for years. There’s no cure, but I had radiation therapy and now have a low thyroid condition instead that I will be treating my whole life. The best physical and emotional therapy I have found for my condition has been aerial arts. The skills we work on have helped me to feel out my body and discover its new normal. Aerial stretches and strengthens every muscle down to fingers and toes, there’s no floor to roll my ankles on, and I can switch between arms and legs when something gets tired. Best of all, is that class constantly reminds me that I have no idea what I am capable of, but it is so much more than I tell myself.

What are you currently working on?
Currently, I’m learning partnering skills in doubles trapeze, which has resulted in some awesome photos, a lot of laughing until I cry and some exciting new bruises. In lyra class, I’m working on my pullups, inversions, and the cursed straddle up and pull over (without cheating) that I WILL master eventually.

Joey Cauceglia Interview, AAU Community Member

Joey Cauceglia, AAU Community
Joey Cauceglia on Fabric, Aerial Arts of Utah

What is your favorite apparatus(es)?
Currently silks are my favorite, I was initially attracted to the fluidity they allow. However, I have not yet given more rigged apparatus their fair chance yet.

How did you get interested in aerial arts?
I became interested in aerials after attending a few shows.

What do you love about aerial arts?
I love the controlled powerful moves aerials and rock climbing share, yet am relieved by the relationship aerials has with a drop, compared to a climbing fall; a drop is often the climax of an aerials sequence, where a fall is perceived as a failure of a climb (except those celebratory jumps from the top).

What are you currently working on?
I am excited to be working on my first drops and dives, now moving on to level 3!

Jamie Mackintosh Interview, AAU Community Member

Jamie Mackintosh - AAofuU 2018
Jamie Mackintosh on Lyra, Aerial Arts of Utah

What is your favorite apparatus(es)?
I really love Lyra, however Trapeze is quickly stealing my heart.

How did you get interested in aerial arts?
Funny story, I was at the Utah Arts Festival and had the pleasure of seeing Aerial Arts of Utah perform and was mesmerized by the strength, grace and courage of the Aerialists.

I knew this was something I had to do. I was terrified to take the initiative of signing up for my first class. I have no background in dance or gymnastics, I am afraid of heights, have very little grace…in short: Im a bit of spaz.

I signed up for my first class over a year ago and have never looked back. I love being a part of such an amazing community that is very supportive of one another.

What do you love about aerial arts?
EVERYTHING! I am passionate about many things, but aerial arts holds a very special place in my heart. I have always been fond of outlets that allow me to express my creativity. I’m physical by nature and have always enjoyed an active lifestyle. I love the human body and the many beautiful endeavors it is capable of. I love that aerial challenges me daily, I love how it has allowed me to find myself again, I love how it keeps me in check when my ego thinks I can do that intricate move I saw on instagram ( no girl…sit down ). Aerial summons me physically, emotionally, artistically, spiritually and I am so grateful for it.

My motto in life is if your scared of something, DO IT! Fear is a reminder that you’re about to do something really brave.

What are you currently working on?
I am currently working on choreography for my first solo lyra performance, we will be working on a group piece as well. I am enrolled in Performance Lab with the amazing and talented Nancy and Steel with the sweet and fabulous Diana. Loving every minute of it!

Register for Winter Session #2, 2018 Aerial Classes!

AAoU Aerial Classes
Performance Lab at Flight of Fancy

Take Flight! Register For Winter Aerial Classes!

New classes start next week:

February 18- April 8, 2018 (7 weeks)

Classes include all levels of Aerial Fabric, Trapeze, Lyra, Aerial Hammock, Aerial Kids. Also Vertical (aka Rope & Fabric) and a brand new Doubles Trapeze class.

For New Students: What to wear?  Close fitting clothes that cover the back of you knees and torso.  Yoga wear, dancewear and leggings work well!

Register at: