Taylor Hoyt Interview, AAU Community Member

Taylor Hoyt, AAoU
Taylor Hoyt on trapeze at Aerial Arts of Utah

What is your favorite apparatus(es)?
I really love trapeze. I started out thinking I was only interested in fabrics, but for whatever reason, the trapeze is where my heart lies currently.

How did you get interested in aerial arts?
In 2014, I went to a local studio’s showcase with a friend and was instantly fascinated. I grew up dancing and was always participating in some sort of physical activity and aerial arts seemed to meld the physical and artistic together so beautifully. At that same time (it was fate) Morgan encouraged me to take an intro class. I loved it but couldn’t commit quite yet. About a year later I started up again and have been taking classes ever since.

What do you love about aerial arts?
I love that aerial arts helps me realize my strengths and abilities while simultaneously helping me to grow and push myself. Through aerial arts, I have learned self-love, commitment, body positivity, patience, and perseverance.

What are you currently working on?
I am constantly working on getting stronger and braver; getting over my mental road blocks. We just finished steel repertory, so now I’ll begin performance lab and start working on another solo trapeze piece.