Tona Foster Interview, AAU Community Member

Tona Foster on trapeze
Tona Foster on trapeze hanging around the Great Salt Lake

What is your favorite apparatus(es)?
Trapeze is my favorite apparatus. Trapeze is great. It helps me face my fears and put trust in the apparatus and my instructors.

How did you get interested in aerial arts?
I like to exercise but I hate going to the gym to do your typical exercises. Running, swimming, and weight training never held my interest and never kept me motivated. I started out with doing pole fitness. Pole fitness quickly turned into fabrics. My dear friend Lindsay Neff introduced me to Aerial Arts of Utah. She trained there and highly encouraged me to check them out. We took classes together and had a wonderful experience with the instructors and the amount of time we got on the apparatuses. We eventually took Trapeze and I immediately fell in love with it. What a great way to get a workout and have fun all at the same time.

What do you love about aerial arts?
I love the instructors at Aerial Arts of Utah. My instructor makes a huge difference in my training. I have a bit of a quirky personality that doesn’t always sit well with some people. I have built a trusting relationship with my instructors that I am forever grateful for. I appreciate their passion and love to teach others. They are great role models and they really inspire me.

What are you currently working on?
Currently, I am working on Lyra. My instructor is so graceful, strong, and motivates me daily to become better at Lyra.